TQD Group Services  

At  TQD Group, LLC, we take care to provide our clients high quality  services personalized for their unique needs. Our management service  ranges from Governmental and State projects to private development. TQD  Group is committed to managing the present so the future will stand. Our  staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.    We provide a variety of services including:  

Project Document Control (Scheduling) 

TQD  Group offers experienced personnel to handle Document Control and  Scheduling for your projects. These services include analysis, reviews,  and managing of the project's schedules. With the proper coordination  and communication with contractors and sub-contractors, this service  will assist in completing your projects timely and efficiently.  

Project Quality Control (QCQA) 

TQD  Group provides Quality Control / Quality Assurance Services for various  facets of construction such as placement of asphalt, monitoring  flexible base, soils and aggregates utilized on various projects. We  have inspectors that are QC/QA certified in Asphalt, Soils, and  Concrete. We will assist you in making timely decisions to insure the  integrity of your project.